Who is this for?

Current Finance Professionals

Whether you are a financial analyst just starting out or a seasoned professional seeking a path to the CFO, this tool allows you to find the skills that are necessary to move into the next role on your career journey and is valuable in helping you formulate a structured personal development plan to get to that next step.

Career Changers

The rapid acceleration of technology is having a profound impact on the careers and the life cycle of expertise and skills for all finance professionals. As technologies like AI and machine learning continue to disrupt long standing professions, what skills do you already posess that you can leverage to move into a new position on the finance team and what do you need to improve.


CFOs rank the need for attracting and retaining employees at the top of their list of concerns for the coming years. What plan does your organization have for finding, developing, and retaining talent? This tool provides you with the data and insight needed to develop formalized talent initiatives for the finance team as well as salary benchmarks so you can stay competitive in the talent marketplace.


Are you working towards your business degree and trying to figure out what to do after graduation. Many finance careers are not explored in a university setting. The career pathway goes beyond the roles you may have heard about in your undergrad program.

Project Partners


Make use of this tool to benchmark salaries and to ensure the skills and talent you are hiring for are aligned with the market.